Day One: Hello diet!

After the usual “years of struggling with her weight”, I’ve come across this rather different diet. That seems somehow achievable to me. Just find two days per week when you aren’t going out for pizza, drinking a bottle of wine, or bingeing on chocolate. Eat 500 Kcalories on each day. Anything else on other days. Anything.  Isn’t that too good to be true?

The diet came to my attention when we watched an episode of Horizon, called Eat, Fast, Live Longer.    Thought about it, but have been “doing Rosemary Conley” for  a while which seemed more sensible.     That has gone out of the window in the last few weeks though, and I’ve been piling on the pounds.   And then The Times featured an article about “IF” at the weekend.    So events have conspired to make me GIVE THIS A GO.

Started today.   So perhaps like another “Intermittent Fasting Blog” I found this will be my one and only post!   But then I’m hoping the blog will guilt me into keeping going, and give me something to do when I want to knaw my own hand off.   (And I’m a pescatarian so really shouldn’t.)

One concern is that I really do have a lot of weight to lose.   Those who try the diet seem to want to lose a stone. I could probably lose four, perhaps a little less.     Maybe I’ll just manage to stuff much more bad food down me on Off Days than the average IFer.   And fail.     I guess we’ll all see!

Anyway, here is the obligatory Before Photo.   You’ll see it’s in the usual style, without make-up.   (I work from home, you’re lucky I’m dressed.)  Whereas I’ll be trowelled in the stuff if I ever get to an After Photo.

Before Photo

And today I will bravely or foolishly declare I weighed 13st 4lbs on the Wii, in my jimjams and socks, before breakfast.      People seem to be very focussed on body fat on this diet, with some trying to get from 21% to 18%.    The last time I had mine measured was May, and it was 39.9%.   I’ve put on about 9 pounds since then, so I think I’ll be safely around the 42% mark….

Anyway, Day One Breakfast.    Medium boiled egg (88) +Marmite rice cake (30) + black coffee (0) = 118 kcal.   Or 23.6% of today’s allowance.     Was lovely, and thanks to Emma Bridgewater looked it too:

Breakfast - Day One

Currently wondering if I’ll be able to save up my calories to have a stick of  Twirl (115) this evening.  Probably not….


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